Supermarket Supermarket
  • General characteristics

    CAREL retail sistema allows complete control and monitoring of the site and the various sub-systems in more complex superstores, efficiently managing alarms and supervision and supplying the users with solutions that allow:

    • energy saving and management of consumption;
    • reduction of environmental impact via compatibility with the most recent system solutions;
    • optimisation of management and installation times via specific vertical functionality for this market.
  • Plus

    CAREL retail sistema reaps the benefits of CAREL's thirty years experience in the automatic controller sector, and the value given to the customer is based on:
    • safety, ensured by independent controllers, which are optimised in the system, and integration, as the individual unit is perfectly independent in assuring its own functions;
    • user-friendliness, important in emerging markets as in more mature ones, ensured by intelligent and semiautomatic programming functions, graphical and touch screen user interfaces and self-adapting energy saving algorithms;
    • the reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact, thanks to the functions developed in our thermodynamic research centre and the constant investments in innovation.