• General characteristics

    The water loop solution involves the installation of a water circuit fitted with units that recover or take away the heat generated by the showcases and cold rooms.
    By eliminating the long refrigerant lines that connect the compressor racks to the units and the corresponding need to weld numerous joints on-site, both total refrigerant charge and annual leaks can be reduced significantly. The resulting benefits thus relate to the drastic reduction in the system’s direct influence on the greenhouse effect and its costs, especially in countries where refrigerants are heavily taxed. The application can be easily combined with the building’s air-conditioning, or can be equipped to reuse the heat generated by cooling the showcases.
    In the latter case, a heat pump can be installed for complete energy recovery, and consequently heat the store, its domestic hot water or other accessory units (snow melting coils).
  • Plus

    The main benefits ensured by the water loop solution are:

    • Lower refrigerant charge
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Potential for integration with air-conditioning systems
    • Easy installation
    • Flexibility, guaranteed by using plastic pipes