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Success stories - Hopital Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades

Hôpital Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades


Hôpital Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades

France’s foremost children’s hospital.


The hospital was established in 1926 through the merger of Hôpital Necker and Hôpital des Enfants Malades, the latter first opened in 1802 and the world's first hospital for children. Today, the hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care for children, plus a selection of specialist services for adults.

The hospital's priorities are quality treatment and quality-of-life for patients and their families during their stay at the hospital. These same objectives inspired the construction of the new Necker hospital, a mothers and children's hospital covering 50000 mq on five floors.

Within this context of quality and excellence, the CAREL ultimateSAM steam distributor was chosen to manage air humidity control in the new building. This solution guarantees maximum hygiene and optimum steam diffusion, creating an healthy and welcoming environment that ensures the comfort and well-being of the young patients and their parents.

Made-to-measure based on requirements (multiples of 152 mm in both height and width), ultimateSAM can adapt to the different sizes of the air ducts in the building, guaranteeing the required steam flow-rate in every room, each with its own specific set point.


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Success Stories - Thiene-Schio Hospital

Thiene-Shio hospital


Thiene-Schio Hospital

At the cutting-edge in terms of services and green building.


The hospital, opened on 20 February 2012, was built to combine the existing Thiene and Schio hospitals into one single complex.

Located in Santorso (between Thiene and Schio), occupying 69,000 sq.m. on a total area of 86,000 sq.m., the complex has 280 spacious rooms, all with at most two beds, and an area for families to ensure maximum patient comfort.

The choice of the CAREL humiFog for optimum air humidification fits into this innovative vision of energy-saving building, as humiFog consumes just 4 W of power for each litre/ hour of atomised water, less than 1% of the power consumption of any steam humidifier.

Indeed, considerable energy savings are possible using the adiabatic process, humidifying the air while consuming just the small amount of energy needed to bring the water to a pressure of 70 bars, meaning significant cost as well as energy savings. Further savings are also guaranteed by using humiFog multizone to humidify different rooms, connecting several distribution systems to one single pumping unit.


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