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Complete solution for relative humidity control


Explore the hospital building below.

Discover our complete solution to reap the benefits of relative humidity control, both maximising the performance of your healthcare facility and decreasing energy costs.


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Ever since it was founded in 1973, CAREL has been at the cutting edge in the research and development of new technological solutions for air humidity control.


Our product portfolio now comprises all humidification technologies, in order to offer you a high-quality product suited for your application. Humidification and control know-how combine to create reliable humidifiers with advanced control logic, yet that are easy to use and maintain.


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IAQ Monitoring

Indoor air quality or IAQ control is a key factor to improve occupant health and staff productivity, and involves collecting data about the various chemical, biological, physical and climatic factors that determine air quality.

The first step in order to improve this is to first establish a baseline of the current conditions. CAREL’s IAQ Plus Indoor Air Monitoring System is a simple and easy application that gives clear and concise data on key indoor air quality indicators.


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HVAC Controller

CAREL is at the forefront of technology in modular and fully-configurable controllers for systems of any complexity.

CAREL controllers can make the operation of air conditioning systems inside your facility more efficient. These include, among others, air handling units, heat pumps and chillers.

CAREL's many years of experience in the field take form in advanced control logic applied to each specific unit, embedded in the core of our controllers.

Benefits of using these controllers include optimising energy consumption and enacting cleaning protocols in compliance with the latest HVAC regulations.

Advanced connectivity features enable any of the most common communication protocols to be used to integrate CAREL controllers into a third-party BMS. Full access to the controller and its connected devices is also possible at all times over a local network, via a dedicated webserver. Furthermore, a plug & play solution is available to gain remote access via our cloud platform, allowing you to easily control your HVAC equipment from afar, receive maintenance alarms anywhere, and even implement corrective actions.

CAREL controllers are divided into two families:

Programmable controllers

fully customisable to the HVAC system in your facility, with a wide range of hardware platforms to choose from and tailored-made software.


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Parametric controllers

these can control a vast pre-determined set of HVAC devices out-of-the-box, with fixed hardware and software, allowing extreme ease of installation and use.


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Room terminals

CAREL's room terminal portfolio ranges from advanced all-in-one wide touch screen displays with integrated air quality sensors, to simpler humidistats and thermostats.


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CAREL's portfolio includes a complete range of both wireless and wired sensors, for room or duct installation:

  • temperature sensors
  • pressure transducers
  • temperature / relative humidity / air quality sensors
  • energy meters


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Local supervisory system

boss is CAREL's local supervisory system, which allows the user to completely control the supervised HVAC devices from a single interface within the local network.

The strength of boss is its flexibility: it can be accessed from a PC connected to the same network or even from mobile devices, using the built in Wi-Fi.

Users can receive maintenance warnings, operate of all the HVAC equipment and analyse its performance through a series of customisable dashboards.

The capabilities of boss can be expanded even further through a series of dedicated plugins. Additional features include, for example, backup and rotation capabilities.


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Remote supervisory system

tERA cloud platform is CAREL's remote supervisory system, which allows the user to simply control every piece of HVAC equipment from anywhere in the world and from any device.

tERA cloud is always accessible, whether simply connecting the supervised units to the internet using the customer’s network, or through a separate and independent network via a connection box with pre-activated data SIM.

Variable trends, history logs, remote software update, remote virtual terminals, customisable views and dashboards are just some of the features that tERA brings on board. Having all data from potential faults and warnings from multiple units conveyed together, with the chance to remotely fix the problem before it’s even perceived, opens up new scenarios in predictive maintenance and performance levels.


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