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Ever since it was founded in 1973, CAREL has been at the cutting edge in the research and development of new technological solutions for air humidity control.

Our product portfolio now comprises all humidification technologies, in order to offer you a high-quality product suited for your application. Humidification and control know-how combine to create reliable humidifiers with advanced control logic, yet that are easy to use and maintain.



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Adiabatic humidifiers involve direct evaporation of water into the air without adding external energy, and therefore without raising the temperature; the heat required for evaporation is supplied by the humidified air, which is consequently cooled.




The introduction of steam into a stream of air will cause it to be humidified. The change in state from liquid to gas has already taken place elsewhere, with the necessary addition of energy and thus the humidification process occurs without the typical lowering of the temperature as occurs with atomisation or evaporation of water.



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